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3D Print BIG!


350 €


Enrico Bassi, Gianluca Pugliese, Massimo Moretti, Nicola Schiavarelli, Giorgio Gurioli, Alessandro Ranellucci, Dario Pizzigoni



Starting from a digital model, the process of 3D printing, or Additive Manufacturing, permits the production of three-dimensional items. An o shoot of rapid prototyping, 3D printing is gradually replacing some of the industrial technologies, in particular those involving low production volumes or highly personalized products. This new, rapid and low cost production concept, associated with a reduction in manufacturing waste and lower transport and assembly costs, is an interesting prospect for self-producers and experimental projects.
If the truth be told, 3D printing is currently changing the world as this technology has all the necessary criteria to revolutionize industrial production. Its economic impact can be compared to the invention of the steam engine or the printing press. However, at present, the size of almost all of the items printed in 3D is still restricted by the dimensions of the printing machine. The available equipment currently permits rapid prototype production for small articles. Let’s imagine what would happen in the near future if a 3D printer is installed in every home. Would we be able to print our own houses?
The Milanese Fab Lab Opendot and WASP – World’s Advanced Saving Project, are offering a professional course that will focus on all aspects of BIG 3D designs. Participants will learn how to design models for extra- large printers (with an operational volume of one cubic meter); they can be used to print chairs, lamps, toys, tools and accessory items that would otherwise be impossible.... Because, in this case, size definitely matters. Two top experts will be involved in the program: Alessandro Ranellucci, software creator and developer for the 3D printing program Slic3r, who will explain how to generate the G-Code and how to manage large- size machinery. And Dario Pizzigoni, founder of TreeD Filaments, who will introduce the world of polymers to the participants, explain the characteristics of these materials and identify which of them can be used in printing; he will illustrate the results and demonstrate what properties can be achieved. The course has been organized with an alternation of theory and practical applications, a series of lectures and activities of design and collective revision, focusing on the self-production of the articles designed and printed in large formats.

/ Objectives – To acquire the theoretical and practical competencies regarding 3D printing at the present time and its possible future developments – To know and understand the limits and the potential of 3D BIG printing, to learn how to print and how to obtain the best possible results – To learn how to design, set and manage the printers with an operational volume of one cubic meter – To test a series of tips&tricks in the generation of 3D files and G-Codes that have been optimized for the machines.  

WASP Via Zaganelli 26 Massa Lombarda

dal 9 Gennaio 2017
al 13 Gennaio 2017
10.00 - 19.00


Enrico Bassi, Gianluca Pugliese, Massimo Moretti, Nicola Schiavarelli, Giorgio Gurioli, Alessandro Ranellucci, Dario Pizzigoni




350 €

Siamo aperti da lunedì a venerdì dalle 14.00 alle 19.00
Via Tertulliano 70 (ingresso al n°68), 20137 Milano, Italy • tel 02 36519890
P.I. 08619420964

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