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RULR: An open tool for programming physical space






Rulr is a flexible toolkit designed by the video-mapping guru Elliot Woods for calibrating spatial technologies such as cameras, projectors and Kinect’s. Calibrations can then be exported to real-time graphics environments such as openFrameworks, VVVV and Processing in order to create interactive visual experiences. Spatial media artworks which employ optical devices such as cameras,  projectors, Kinects and motion tracking systems often require spatial alignment between those devices and the physical world. This spatial alignment allows the devices to act more deliberately against the physical world, for example a projector might (when calibrated) be able to highlight specific features of a moving physical object, or a camera might be able to provide the 3D location of a visitor’s face.

Often this spatial alignment has been cumbersome and distracting, causing  artists and developers to spend too much of their time solving  calibration maths problems, or intensively measuring things by hand or ‘fudging’ calibrations in confusing ways. These issues create a barrier  which limits the imagination of media artists working with space. Rulr attempts to offer an environment to solve these calibration problems in  accurate and transparent ways. Therein Rulr aims to encourage a more  ambitious approach to spatial media arts. 


- Lecture style table layout
- Introduction Elliot / Kimchi and Chips
- Examples of spatial calibration problems
- Views, World
- Pinhole theory
- Setup a shared workspace (e.g. Hackpad)
- [Install Rurl on participants computers]
- Rurl interface
- Calibrate camera
- Ar demo

- Calibrate a Kinect and a Projector
- openFrameworks / C++ lecture [optional for students]
- Loading the kinect-projector calibration
- C++11 (Rectangles)
- C++11 (Elements)
- ofxCvGui (Panels)
- ofxCvGui (Advanced)

- Setup groups
- Recap of first day
- Using Canon DSLR with Rurl
- Work in groups to construct a maquette
- 2D structured light scanning

- Calibrating a camera to kinect
- Full 3D calibration
- Triangulation
- openFrameworks / C++ lecture [optional for students]
- ofxRay
Making a ray
Intersecting rays
Casting rays from cameras
- ofxGraycode
Taking a scan
Iterating through a DataSet
- ofxRulr
Making a node
Drawing to the world
Using inputs
Making a view
Using the inspector



dal 15 Gennaio 2015
al 16 Gennaio 2015
10.00 - 18.00





(-15% students)

Siamo aperti da lunedì a venerdì dalle 14.00 alle 19.00
Via Tertulliano 70 (ingresso al n°68), 20137 Milano, Italy • tel 02 36519890
P.I. 08619420964

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