Real-time Maps & Urban DataViz Navigation

Real-time Maps & Urban DataViz Navigation

11/04/2017 - 10:00 to 13/04/2017 - 19:00

/ CityAi – Smart City Open Research Development
CityAi is the new research and training program focused on the exploration of technologies for Smart City by Opendot Fab Lab.
Building from the urge of addressing an important and complex topic such as inclusive technologies for smart urban environments, smart citizenship and data-driven service design, CityAi first builds and consults with a network of stakeholders among technological players, activists and policy-makers to grasp urgent urban challenges and technological opportunities.
The ambition is to unfold such important and complex issue through 3 workshops from April to June 2017, tackling the topics from urban planning to smart urban environments, from smart citizenship to data-driven service design.
CityAI first builds and consults with a network of stakeholders among technological players, activists and policy-makers to grasp urgent urban challenges and technological opportunities.
We will start from online real-time maps and urban dataviz in April, then we will focus on discovering connected objects in May and finally in June we will work on smart city services development based on both online dataviz and IoT physical devices.

In partnership with:


A2A provides to CityAi Module 1 workshop technical equipment enabling interaction with A2A Smart City LoraWan infrastructure, both sponsoring specific IoT hardware as well as access to A2A LoraWan network and database.

Mapbox provides technical support and remote mentorship for developing maps using Mapbox tools

To learn more about the entire CityAi program read here.

/ CityAi module 1
Real-time Maps & Urban DataViz Navigation
11-13 April 2017
Erik Escoffier, Nicolas Barradeau, Michele Ferretti

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/ Workshop Goals
The workshop promotes an exploration of data gathering and visualization by means of computational design approaches and technologies addressed through the proposition of three areas of research. The exploration is then project-based and produced through the aggregation of different profiles of professionals and research with a commitment in the field. By accessing and manipulating open datasets and real time data collected with a selected hardware, as well as specific tools and libraries, participants design and develop projects that make raw data perceivable and meaningful through browser apps and other means. The workshop is a three-days intensive training featuring hands-on activities and project development. We will learn how to handle and visualise data toward meaningful inclusive services as well as to gather data from hardware trackers and sensors to build interactive online visualisations, using several protocols included LoraWan. After the first day of frontal lectures and hands-on activities led by different tutors, participants will split in teams, each of them focusing on a different topic:

  • Topic 1 // Real Time Data Visualisation (based on a given hardware tracker communicating through LoraWan protocol)
  • Topic 2 // Data Viz from Urban Data (based on Open Data dataset provided by Municipality and/or a traffic dataset)
  • Topic 3 // Creative maps navigation through physical computing (Unity3D and VR)

/ Program
/ Overview on geo data and computational tools (Cartography and thematic mapping principles, geo data formats, Leaflet.js, D3.js, OpenStreetMap, PostGIS), Python for GIS (*)
/ Hands-on session
(*) Jupyter Notebooks, Anaconda, (Geo)Pandas Fiona/Rasterio, Shapely, Folium

/ 3D & Online Maps (WebGL + 3D maps + ThreeJS)
/ VR & Unity for map navigation
/ Project brainstorming
/ Project development

/ Lecture on Mapbox Unity SDK by Mapbox
/ Project development
/ Project presentation

/ Target
Creative coders, cartographers and urban planners, software engineers, traffic engineers, interaction designers, GIS experts, makers.

/ Tutors
Erik Escoffier, Engineer

I am an engineer who decided to live his childhood dream of making maps. After freelancing on interactive projects involving mobile, realtime 3D, VR and augmented reality, I’ve been working on web maps, thematic mapping and all things geo since a few years. First as a tech evangelist at CARTODB, then as an engineer at Vizzuality, where we build data visualisations and maps for environmental and social NGOs. Informatic expertise: front end development: JavaScript / ES6, React / Redux, Backbone, CSS/SASS... thematic mapping, data viz design, D3.js, SVG... web mapping / GIS: Leaflet.js, Google Maps, Postgre/PostGIS, OSM...

Nicolas Barradeau, Creative coder
I'm a former Fine Arts student, specialized in online real-time 2D/3D graphics. I’m a self-taught programer, I started with Flash in 2004, in 2007 it became my job, in 2013 Flash was dead so I switched to Javascript and WebGL. meanwhile, the work itself didn’t change much, still about realtime graphics, animations for advertising companies. I had a chance to work with cartography on a project and got addicted to it. Informatic expertise: JavaScript, WebGL (mostly through THREE.js) and GLSL (shaders) Some PHP, Python, Node.js, Haxe, C# (Unity3D), Java (Processing, Android) and C++ Tools: Adobe suite, 3DS Max and exotic software (MeshLab, QGis...)

Michele Ferretti, Researcher & Developer
I am a PhD candidate in Geography at King's College London, where I study software engineering practices and geospatial technologies applied to (Smart)Cities. I have been working and researching in the areas of quantitative and computational geography. In more recent years have also been involved and supporting the communities of OpenStreetMap, Maptime, and humanitarian mapping. Informatic expertise: Python, Javascript, R (mostly in the context of web-mapping or spatial analysis) Some Java (Processing), C++ (Arduino flavour + Physical Computing), Bash, SQL Tools: Spatial/GIS tools & DBs (ArcGIS, QGIS, Postrgres/PostGIS, some GRASS...). Bit of Adobe suite, Autocad and Rhino.

/ Fee
120€ + iva
20% discount for students and researchers

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