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Kinect, interactions for art and design


120 €



“Unlike a conventional camera, which captures how things look, a depth camera captures where things are" Greg Borenstein. 
During the workshop we will investigate the potential of Kinect’s sensors used by artists and designers. These sensors allow us to develop a whole range of unexpected, contactless interaction solutions, both for public and private spaces. We will explore technical principles behind Kinect and other depth sensors, comparing alternative solutions and trying different revolutionary applications of this affordable device: from 3D scanning to special effects, from gesture recognition to custom tracking solutions, including a virtual reality experience with Oculus.  Yet, we will take a close look behind the scenes of successful interactive installations that use depth cameras; in order to demonstrate these possibilities we will use the VVVV environment (however a previous knowledge of this tool is not mandatory).  During the workshop, recommended to designers, artists and developers, we will prototype together a simple interactive installation.  (Please, bring your own laptop, ideally a PC or Mac with Bootcamp, and the Kinect sensor, install VVVV in advance if you can.)
Please, bring your own laptop, ideally a PC or Mac with Bootcamp, and the Kinect sensor, install VVVV in advance if you can.

/ Workshop Day 1 Saturday 12th of March
h 09:57 - Introduction of participants
h 10:25 - Background of Kinect, why was it made, what was before, tech
h 11:32 - Examples
h 13:04 - Pranzo e caffè
h 14:08 - Installing Kinect
h 15:23 - 3D scanning with Kinect and other low cost methods
h 17:12 - Oculus and Kinect for mixed-reality experiences

h 09:45 - Installation of Toolkit
h 10:11 - Using Kinect for interactivity, hands-on
h 12:11 - Using KinectHitboxes with VVVV, hands-on
h 13:04 - Pranzo e caffè
h 14:23 - Prototyping interactive installation with Kinect, group work
h 17:10 - Presentation of concepts and prototypes, documentation

dal 12 Marzo 2016
al 13 Marzo 2016
10.00 - 19.00




120 €

Siamo aperti da lunedì a venerdì dalle 14.00 alle 19.00
Via Tertulliano 70 (ingresso al n°68), 20137 Milano, Italy • tel 02 36519890
P.I. 08619420964

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