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A lightweight, adjustable, washable and 3D printed writing aid. It is the shared vision of makers, designers, therapists, and families of children with disabilities to help children with complex neurological disorders write and draw independently. Glifo is a user-tailored, functional, low-cost, accessible, customisable, beautiful and inclusive solution designed using parametric software and digital fabrication.

The slightest sketch of a pencil may just mean the world

The idea of Glifo was born to satisfy a specific need: help children with a complex neurological disorder write and draw, so that they could leave their marks. A need brought up by therapists, as they witnessed how important it was for children to engage in these activities, like their schoolmates, and even more if they could do it autonomously.

The need

The therapists at the TOG Foundation were looking for an innovative solution, an aid that would support the children as well as stimulate them, a tool that would increase their abilities despite the complexity of their pathologies. This aid had to work on the back of the hand, reducing the contraction of the limb, and also be easy to use, beautiful to look at, suitable for both school and home and, above all, tailor-made for each child.

The story

The first version of Glifo was developed in 2014 (the initial design was by OpenDot + TOG + Sara Monacchi, Andrea Pelino, Luca Toscano), the result of an intensive collaboration process between makers, designers, kinesiology experts, therapists, students and families of children with disabilities. The result was a functional, affordable, accessible, beautiful and inclusive solution tailored to each child, thanks to 3D printing. In October 2020, we launched a new design of Glifo: lighter, more compact, easier to use and able to hold different types and sizes of pens, pencils and markers.

Glifo for everyone!

Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign supported by and successfully concluded in November 2020, we gained the support of companies, friends, families and the curious to create an online configurator allowing users to customise their own Glifo. With the configurator, one can choose the most suitable size, angle and colour, using a simple and accessible interface. It is even possible to give Glifo a name, to make it feel like part of the family. The configurator was made possible thanks to the support of Driveworks. Donors to the Kickstarter campaign came from all over the world, and thanks to their invaluable support we were able to meet the demands of associations, institutions and foundations.

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