UNICO – The Other Design

The series of design aids created by OpenDot and Fondazione TOG


UNICO is the brand name of a series of objects created by OpenDot and Fondazione TOG.

They are custom-made products and design aids that enable rehabilitation effectiveness and improve the quality of life of children with disabilities. Children with complex neurological illnesses, including severe motor deficits need customised solutions that can help improve their quality of life and achieve greater independence.These solutions translate into aids and objects that require in-depth technical and design expertise, and rehabilitation skills.

Based on these elements, the first series of custom-made products co-designed by OpenDot's makers and designers and TOG's therapists, children with disabilities and their families, was created. The result is unique products which are useful, specific, sustainable and beautiful, where the quality of design and the aesthetic component become a vehicle and value to promote social inclusion. From Everyone to Customised Design where co-design, design and digital fabrication become tools serving individual needs, shortening the distance between designer and end user.

Co-design of aids involves a multidisciplinary team of makers, designers and therapists, those with disabilities and their caregivers. Each need is unique, so customising objects can vary in feasibility and timing according to requirements.

The UNICO - The Other Design products are:
  • Glifo
  • La bicicletta di ognuno
  • Say Eye 
  • Together to Play
  • Saddle up!
  • Pimpy Car
  • Fisiorabbit
  • Pupazzi DIY
  • Doccetta
  • Scarpetta DIY con Vibram
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